The Wedding Fever Part 2 – #WODA

I woke up this morning feeling like yesterday was a dream. After I say my prayers, I get up and check my phone. I see a lot of Instagram and Facebook tags with the hashtag #WODA2017. Tunji sent me message with a link to a Bella Naija page with photos of our engagement and an epistle on the worth of my birthday present and engagement ring. After taking a shower, I remember Dapo slept over so I go and check on him in the sitting room. I don’t want to wake him because I know the only time he sleeps in is when he stays here and even at that he still sleeps late. I look at him and I can only imagine how he can deal with so much pressure at 30. This is what people do not understand, when he was younger his playboy behavior started only as a way to let off steam from all the pressure he faces having to run his father’s business in a sector that is not what he enjoys. But now, he has become more mature and has come to fully accept that he has to sacrifice his love for the practice of law to take over his father’s business due to his deteriorating health.

I peck his forehead and as I rise to nudge him awake, his both hands hold me to him and he slowly opens his eyes. “good morning ex-girlfriend, Fiance and Wife to be” he says. “good morning to you too, Husband to be. Thank you for yesterday. You have to get up now, else we will be late to church””I know I tell you this all the time and you don’t listen but you can sleep in bed with me, you don’t have to leave after  I sleep”. “you don’t know how attractive you are, do you?””if I have abstained this long for you, I don’t want to ruin it” he says. “I love you more but we have to get ready for church, go and take a shower” I say and then kiss him and head towards the bedroom and he follows behind me”

I am trying to look for something appropriate to wear since after church we are going to see his parent. I am not sure if we are going straight from church or coming home first. I ask him and he says the former is the case. I pick a knee length two color ankara dress. I discover that I am so nervous. It’s  not like I haven’t met his parents before, but it is the first time I will be introduced as a wife. I remember that I have not called my mum to tell her.  I check the time and I know she will be getting ready to go to church and so I call her. she picks up on the second ring;

“hello ma, ekaaro, se mi o disturb yin”

“No, se ko si?”

“mummy, Dapo propose si mi”

“mo mo, mama e so fun mi lana and then o ba Kabiyesi soro ni last week” she knows about my engagement to Dapo before me!  My mum and Dapo’s  mum have been friend since I was in secondary school and because of them our fathers became friends as well but this was a long time before I had even met Dapo.

“we are going to visit his parents today. I am so shy mummy.”

“better do not be shy, ki o ma lo si wawu.  you’re already a part of their family and its not your first time meeting them…..” just then Dapo walks out of the bathroom in his boxers and undershirt and heads to the bed to pick the white traditional wear I picked out for him.

“your father is ready to go to church, I will call you in the evening to find out how it goes.”

“alright, odabo ma” she hangs up immediately.

Dapo walks over to me and sits next to me on the bed. “I could not help but eaves drop into your conversation with your mum…” I try to interrupt him but he does no let me “shussh..I want you to know that I love you and that my parent love you very much so there is no need to be shy or scared” he pulls me into his embrace and immediately tranquility falls on me. he releases me and I step in front of the mirror to begin my makeup.

After spending 15 minutes looking through my eyeshadow pallete for earth tone colors, I finally finish my makeup  with a nude lipstick. Hurriedly, I put on my dress and shoes and grab my purse, then head downstairs to meet a furious looking Dapo speaking with someone on the phone. I go the kitchen to drink some water giving him time to round off his call. Just as I grab a cup to fill with water he walks in and from the look on his face, I know what he wants. I drop the cup on the work top and head towards him and into his arms for a hug. After a couple of minutes, he releases me and I see my fondation has stained his white but that does not stop me from kissing him. When I stop, I see all the fear evaporate from his face and I am scared for him. He smiles at me and I say “Don’t tell me, whatever it is, I probably don’d have a solution. go upstairs, change your clothes and then we go to church and we will tell God.” “I don’t know what I will do without you” he says and walks off.

We are driving towards Dapo’s parents house in Banana Island for brunch. Detecting how nervous I am, Dapo tries to make small talk with me. First about the lady sat in front of us and then about how he felt the sermon today was directed at him. None of these stuck except when he mentioned cooking for him.”Wonu, please can you make your jollof rice and stewed chicken this evening, you know I love nothing more than you cooking for me.” Alas, a blush started to creep up on my face.” you know I will love nothing more. So is this cooking taking place at mine or yours” I said. “please can we do it at mine, I have to be in the office at 7 tomorrow” he said. “I have court tomorrow at 10, so we have to go to mine and then the supermarket before we come back to yours” I said. “Alright” he said as he parked the car in the drive in his parents compound.

I am no longer Wonu, now I am “our wife” as Dapo’s mum called me whilst we were in the kitchen and Dapo and his dad were in the sitting room probably discussing business. This was what was going through my mind that I did not notice when Dapo parked his car outside my apartment  block. “Wife!” he tried to get my attention and I blush. “That was not all bad was it was it. See, I told you there was nothing to worry about”he said. “Thank you, I had a good time and thank you for yesterday as well. Wait in the car while I go and pick up a few things for tomorrow.


ekaaro, se mi o disturb yin – Good morning, I hope I am not disturbing you

se ko si? – I hope all is well?

Dapo propose si mi – Dapo proposed to me

mo mo, mama e so fun mi lana and then o ba Kabiyesi soro ni last week – I know, his mum told me yesterday and the he spoke to the king last week

Ki o ma si wawu –  so you don’t misbehave

Ankara – Traditional fabric

Odabo – bye

Bella Naija – A very famous lifestyle Nigerian blog

Oladapo (Dapo) – A Nigerian Name that means- a mix of wealth

Adewonuola (Wonu/Dewonu)- A Nigerian name that means – The crown entered into wealth

Tunji (Babatunji) – A Nigerian name that means – Father has returned

Adeyele – A Nigerian Name that means – This house deserves the crown



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