Dear Linda Ikeji,

Thank you for being a living proof to Nigerian mothers and fathers that not only doctors, lawyers and bankers can be successful;

Thank you for building a blog that has become the Nigerian version of ‘The Daily mail’ –  which we self-righteously claim we hate because it is said that it reports unsubstantiated gossip, yet when we wake up in the morning, it’s the first place we check for the news;

You encourage the young women that they can become successful through their own business ideas and by so doing you are one of the few who are helping to re-shape the world. For this I say thank you;

Thank you for proving to my fellow Nigerians that violence or the threat of violence should not be permitted for anyone at any level – from regular Nigerians to the most famous of us;

Thank you for reminding young bloggers, like myself, that having 45 views today does not mean that you cannot have millions of views tomorrow;

Finally, thank you for being successful, owning your success and encouraging us with your success.

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