The Aso ebi headache – Part 1: What is it all about?

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‘Aso ebi’ is a uniform fabric worn at Nigerian occasions. The idea behind ‘aso ebi’ is for everyone coming to the occasion(wedding, funeral, birthday etc) to purchase the uniform fabric from the celebrants and the funds raised from the sale of the fabric can go on to support the planning of the special event. Bearing this in mind, you can understand why the celebrants should raise the price of the fabric from the amount it was purchased within reason- the profit goes on to support the occasion.

‘Aso ebi’ has always been in existence in Nigeria, but they’ve recently become very famous for causing people financial headaches.Take for example the 8-part Nigerian wedding could typically have about 3 different ‘aso ebis’ which could cost anything from 10,000 naira and 150,000 naira each- haba!  Not only do you have to worry about the ridiculous pricing of the fabric itself, you have to worry about the cost of making it into a dress. This may not be a problem for much cheaper fabrics(they can be sown by iya Tope fashion designers), but for the more expensive fabrics it is normal to want to to give it a gourmet tailoring experience which could cost, on average, between 10,000 naira and 50,000 naira (depending on whether you do the couturier in Ikoyi or a  fashion designer in Ajegunle).

How much will it cost to slay in your ‘aso ebi’ at  the introduction, engagement and reception ceremonies at a Nigerian wedding? Let’s do the maths;

  1. Fabric – min = 10,000, max = 150,000
  2. Tailoring – min = 10,000, max = 50,000

total  –  min =60,000 = (20,000 * 3) and max = 600,000(200,000 *3)

Next question – How much do you earn in a month? This is just on one couple without the cost of accessories, so you can imagine if you spend that amount on each one of all the weddings you attend each month – all I can say is GBESE RE O!

If it was your choice whether to buy the ‘aso ebi’ or not, I don’t think I will be this upset. Some celebrants will drop their aso ebi off at your house to impose buying it on you and when you refuse, they try to the emotional blackmail route. If it ended there, I promise you I would not be this upset but then some celebrants then offer preferential treatments to the ‘Aso ebi’ wearers (e.g. who sits on what table, who gets what souvenirs – you can keep it, I will happily to be both souvenir and gbese free).  If you are one of this type of celebrants, STOPPET! you should not impose your ‘aso ebi’ on people( you might as well keep your invite together with the ‘aso ebi).

For my people who want to slay without ‘aso ebi’ check out my next blog post – The Aso ebi headache- Part 2: how to slay without ‘aso ebi’ and its gbese.


Aso ebi – Uniform fabric worn at Nigerian ceremonies

Gbese – Debt

‘Gbese re o’ – this is serious debt

STOPPET – stop it

Iya Tope – Tope’s mother

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