Is it your responsibility to wash his dirty underwear?


So………………………..would you? As I write this, I can picture some abokokus thinking to themselves “I can do anything for my le boo a.k.a Olowo ori mi a.k.a the only spoon in my nutella”. Weh done ma!

Before I continuu, let me answer the question.

1.It is not my responsibility, as a woman, to wash his underwear.

2.I will not wash his underwear except he is incapacitated or I feel like(very unlikely though).

3.In all situations, me washing his underwear is out love and not because its my responsibility.

4. Not washing his underwear is not because I disrespect him. I respect him very much and I expect him to give me the respect I deserve – which does not include washing underwear

Whilst a lot of us were growing up, between the ages of 9 and 11, we were taught to wash our underwear right immediately after we take them off or just before getting in the shower(if you ever got that slap after school for hiding your dirty ‘undies’under the bed, raise ya hand!). In my case, I learnt this very important rule about the same time I learnt how to bath myself. So you see why with the way I am set up, I cannot help but wonder why in God’s name, another human being will leave their underwear for someone else to wash talk less of believing that it is someone else’s responsibility to wash your underwear for you. Bros, do you wait for her to clean your shit stained yansh after you take a dump, so why then are you waiting for her to wash your ‘undies’.

This is NOT a rebellion against the ideals of medieval times or its principles, its a rebellion against disrespect. You see the way I am wired , I think it is somewhat disrespectful to drop your trash on the floor for someone else to pick up after you. Same rule applies here. I think it is disrespectful (to the greatest degree) for someone to mandate their significant other to wash their underwear – it’s just as bad as taking a dump in the toilet and mandating your significant other to flush the toilet after you.

Say it or not, NOBODY likes to wash underwear(your’s or someone else’s), however, some tolerate it better than others, to the extent that they can even wash for others. Don’t get me wrong, feel free to wash your partner’s ‘undies’ if you into that kind of stuff *wink*, but don’t force or be forced into washing underwear. All those peeps out there, literally taking his underwear off of him to wash because you think it show you can take care of you ‘man’ and then subsequently improve your chances of getting a ring on that finger – STOPPET!!!!. Remember that what you start in the relationship is what will continue to be in the relationship a.k.a forever is a long time, you will have to become a full time ‘undies washer’. Ready to take that risk? continuuuu!

People! relationship is about compromise. If you did not receive the training mentioned above, I can see why it is not your fault but abeg, don’t make life miserable for that sister. Washing machine, dry-cleaner and washer man/washer woman (maybe you should get a nanny……could be better) are alternative methods available to you. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HER!

Underwear washers(afokpayint) vs.Non underwear washer – let me know where you stand and what you think by commenting or by sending an email, why or why you would not wash his/her underwear. I will be including comments in my next post titled “underwear washers vs. non underwear washer”. WATCH OUT!!!!


Abokokus (sing. Abokoku) – women who can do anything for a man i.e. they can die for/with him

Le boo – the boo in French Language

Olowo ori mi – Yoruba sentence used as an endearment for a beloved spouse

Continuuu – continue in a Yoruba accent

Ya – your

Bros – Brother in pidgin English

Yansh – Buttocks

Afokpayint -Pant washer in Youruba Langauage

Abeg – please in broken English

STOPPET – stop it in a Ghanaian accent

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