The Wedding Fever Part4 – The day I told him

Two months into our relationship, I decide to tell him. I suspect he thinks my refusal to sleep with him is because of something he did or another guy. We went to mutual friend’s birthday party and on our drive back home I started to suspect he wanted to give it another try tonight. He said he was too tired to drive back home from mine so he would have to sleep over. Also through out the party he maintained more body contact with me than normal. He kissed me more than usual(initially i thought he just wanted to flaunt our new relationship) and he drank more than usual.

As I was trying to open the door for us to go into the house, he  grabbed my waist and said”I will finally get a taste of this tonight”. I knew he was drunk so I told him to sit down in the sitting room, I told him to wait for me. I went into the kitchen to get him a glass of water. I give it to him and tell him to drink, although confused he drank it anyway. Whilst he drank I said to him “I need to talk to you about something”. Immediately he drops the glass and looks at me.”have I done something wrong?” he said.

“No its not something you did” As I say this I am already about to start crying.

“what is it then?”

“I cannot give you the sexual satisfaction you are seeking from me”

“Why, are you ok?”

“I am ok. I need you to stop being my boyfriend, I need to tell this to my friend and you have to promise me that you will not under any circumstance tell anyone”

“Ok, you have your friend and I promise not to tell. What is it you are scaring me”

“You know I am a princess and the only girl. The tradition in my vilage is that because I am the only female child of the king, I cannot have sexual relations with anyone except my husband. That is why I avoided dating for so long” I am sobbing heavily at this point and he looks so upset. He looks at me, gets up and walks out of the house. I try to follow him to appologise for not telling him but he looks at me and tells me not to come near him. He drives off and I keep calling him to appologise but he refuses to pick up the phone.

The next afternoon, I call his best friend Tobena to please check that he is alright. Tobena calls right back to tell me he is fine and has gone away on business. I had to tell someone, good thing Tunji already knew about my situation before now, so I go to his office and explain what had happened. Despite how much I tried to explain that Dayo was upset because I did not tell him earlier, Tunji was very angry at him. Two weeks of not speaking to Dayo felt like two years had passed. Tobena called me on Thursday on the second week to tell me that he was back. I went to Tunji to ask for advice on whether I should go to his office or not. Tunji told me to stay in his office until he gets back. I found out from Dayo that he had gone fight with Dayo at his office. Perhaps this was what rained some sense on Dayo. That evening he came over to mine full of appologies and a promise to go on this celibacy journey.



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