The cure for HOMESICKNESS – 8 West African YouTube series

Anyone else like free, good quality and interesting West African series?

Watching Nigeria or African web series was something I started off as panacea to my homesickness. Every time I found myself reminiscing about life at home, I watched  the TV series that I will be talking about in this blog post.

If you ever find yourself in the longing for some African drama, then its worth watching some or all the TV series that are on this list

8. Shuga (Nigeria and Kenya): This soap opera is created with the intention to create awareness about contracting and living with HIV and AIDS – honestly, this alone already makes me love it!. The best the series is that each it was shot on different countries in Africa – the first two season were shot in Kenya and featured the award-winning Lupita Nyong’o,  whilst the third and fourth seasons were shot in the beautiful city of Lagos, Nigeria and featured some of the biggest names in the Nigerian music and acting industries e.g. Tiwa Savage and Chris Attoh. The best part is the series has been renewed for a fifth season, so start watching. All the episodes(season 1-4) are available in a playlist here

7. Our best friend’s wedding (Nigeria): I don’t think I have ever seen a fictional character more desperate to get married since Katherine Heigl in the 27 dresses LOL! Charles finds out some shocking news and this has driven him to want to get married ASAP. He decides the best place to start is with his ex-girlfriends, but his past as a play boy makes finding ‘the one’ amongst them very difficult and hilarious. His best friends, Jade and Kemi, have made a list of rules to guide his actions on his tryst, but will he follow them? They have only just started the first season, so find out here.

6. Gidi up (Lagos, Nigeria): The show follows the lives of four friends, Eki – the talented photographer, Tokunbo- the tech start-up guy, Yvonne-the struggling fashion designer and Obi – the budding radio presenter and wanna be Lagos big boy. it covers everything from their relationships to their careers and how the young adults are getting through life in the city of Lagos. Although the show suffered a change of cast in between its first and second season, the twist and turns of the plots remained indulgent. After a long 3 year break, Tokunbo and the gang are back in a new season, with more interesting cast e.g. Odunlade Adekola and snapchat sensation, Bobrisky.

5. Love Games (Lusaka, Zambia): Another HIV and AIDS awareness TV series, sponsored by USAID, love games follows the lives of five women, Mimi , Carol, Womba, Tamara and Tasheni, who live in the city of Lusaka. The reason I have put this show above Shuga is because I found it more informative about its subject matter than its counter part. It has only two season, so go check it out here and be informed.

4. This is it (Lagos, Nigeria): All I can say is thumbs up Lowladee, the show literally screamed drama. The show follows the life of a couple, Dide and Tomide(tee) in the first couple of months in their marriage. Tomide, played by Nick Mutuma (you know if you know), is a loving caring Nigerian-Kenyan husband to Dide, a paranoid stay at home wife. In the last episode Dide has to make tough decision between Tee and another important part of her life. Find out what she chooses here!

3. Rumour has it (Lagos, Nigeria): This show follows the scandalous life of celebrity vlogger diva queen of amebo, obi obi.Some say that the shows seems to have copied the scandal in the lives of music icon Tiwa Savage, blogger Linda Ikeji and OAP Toke Makinwa. Creators of the show claim this is not the case, but I guess you’ll have to be the judge of that. I hope this show comes back for another season, but here’s for season 1

2. Skinny girl in transit (Lagos, Nigeria): Tiwa, her mother and sister, Shalewa are the biggest clowns. As a plus size woman in Lagos, Tiwa faces challenges from her relationships to her career and the show tells it has both comedy and drama, see for yourself here

1. An African City (Accra, Ghana): This is the African version of Sex and the city. it follows the lives of Nana yaa, Sade, Makena, Ngozi and Zainab, five ladies who have moved back to Ghana after several years spent living abroad. Sadly, only the first episode is available on YouTube but with episodes like ‘a sexual real estate’ and ‘an african dump’ its worth it to see what’s available. Watch season 1 here.

3 Replies to “The cure for HOMESICKNESS – 8 West African YouTube series”

  1. Only this year i discovered these web series. Just 2 or 3 I haven’t seen in your list.

    I started off trying to watch “Skinny Girl…” and “Husbands of Lagos” only because the hype was beyond this world. After the first episode of Skinny…I was irritated at the duration of the series. Then I gladly viewed Youtube’s recommended series “This is It”. I loved it too much i watched the whole season. Then I saw a few others on your list that were recommended also, and others not on the list. I enjoyed a couple. I went back to Skinny girl and realized it was really interesting. Then I watched all the 3 seasons.


    1. Can you please comment with a list of the web series you have seen that are not mentioned on my list?….I am seriously searching for something new to watch.
      Which was your favorite on the list?


      1. Sure. I’ll check my tab for the ones not on your list.
        (Later perhaps, left my tab at home. Sigh)

        Favorite was This Is IT. I have a thing for mushy romance and dramas. And with few characters


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