Church doctrines vs What the bible says

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and I am entitled to it! I am no Christianity guru, I am only just learning and understanding God and what he expects. Please read and enjoy and let me know in the comment section what you think

I find that lately, that more than ever before we have become before slaves to church doctrines at the expense of what the good book says.

P.S: I am not saying that church doctrines are always on opposite sides as the bible. I am only discussing instances where I feel they are

A quick example was what I heard whilst  watching a certain church program last weekend. It was a sort of general marriage counselling program where people asked questions on certain situations they faced in their relationships i.e. marriage and dating. A lady asked if she could marry the a christian from another church denomination and the person in charge of answering the questions replied saying “In this church, we allow our members to marry from any church denomination except the white garment churches”.  People I was shocked, how can a church represent something that the bible is totally against- namely judging and condemning others (Luke 6:37).

Some say some white garment churches have been found in the past not to be totally Godly in their ways. But really who are you to judge?, I am quite sure if we dig deep enough some pastors in some of this church’s, that is busy condemning other sects, branches are not all totally Godly in their ways as well – who knows! But that does not give me the right to claim that all the other church branches are unholy in their ways.

I also gather that the white garment churches may have certain practices which is different from other what most other churches have. But different does not always mean bad! Besides how do you know who is worshiping God and practicing Christianity in the right way, talk less of knowing your way of worshiping God is the correct.

I don’t know it all but I just don’t understand why certain church denominations feel that they are better than others, when its the same bible that says ‘with pride comes disgrace and with humility comes wisdom’ (Proverbs 11:2). Please can someone explain to me how this is not a form of brainwashing. The bible,which is the main and only guide on how to live as a Christians, says we should not do something but because our church doctrine implies that we should do it, we go ahead to do it.

The honest truth is that I often wonder;

do these churches, with their all righteous doctrines, ever really understand the bible?

why do we believe that the churches with their doctrines are the most correct interpretation of the bible or that they cannot mislead us?

why do churches fail to practice what they preach? After all, its this same churches that tell us not to judge or condemn other people

that even if these churches are right about the ungodliness of other denominations, do they believe the Jesus way is to condemn and isolate them? because as far as I know, the right thing to do is to accept them with the hope that you can help them move closer to God.

Maybe I am the one who sees things from a ridiculous perspective or could it be that my eyes have opened to the perspective that we should be looking at things through or maybe I am just wrong and I don’t know.

If you have answers to the questions I have asked above please kindly answer it in the comment section.




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