Debras grace – A wonderful shopping experience

Dear fashionistas in Nigeria,

First of all (don’t go down low), one fashion lover to another,………………………………..this is NOT a sponsored post.

Like a lot of you, I was as clueless as a some men are when it comes to distinguishing between Brazilian hair and  Funmi hair , but now my eyes are clear and I am here to rid you of your clueless-ness too.

So I spent a while searching for a place to shop for work appropriate clothes online. In the cause of my search, I came across a lot of websites that sell female clothes but it was either they did not deliver to the very remote location I have recently found myself, their website looked too shady to be trusted or their sizing at times was confusing and other times non-existent. I was discussing this with my cousin, who then suggested I go to Instagram and there I found bliss with DGL.

I had gone through several clothing retailer but every time I am about to place an order, my friends bad experience (the photo of the outfit on Instagram and the what she got delivered could not have been more different…Lol!) with such vendors changed my mind. Then one day I found DGL. I did not know they had a website but the originality and quality of the photo’s of the products in their instagram posts was enough to convince me to give them a call. When I called, I reached a very pleasant customer service representative who informed me about their website and I was very excited.

That same day, I went on the website to check it out and it was like shopping on the Topshop or Mango website – with a cart and a list of sizes, that were actually available, to pick from. On this same fateful day I order the following three items;

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7 days later, I added a pair of trousers, a dress and a skirt to my closet.

I will start by answering the biggest question I had which was about delivery? They deliver outside Lagos, in a reasonable time span and at a reasonable cost. The total cost of getting my items shipped was 3000 Naira and it came within 5 working days to a location about 4 hours outside Lagos.

The next big thing that crossed my mind when I was searching in affordability of the clothes? Yes they are very affordable. Considering our current economic situation, I most certainly expected the clothes to be more expensive – I wonder if they will be much cheaper when things get better. Anyway the cost of clothing item range from about 4,000 naira to 8,000 naira which is really just between £10.00 and £20.00! How great is that?

Affordability is one thing and quality is another thing, I know! But at DGL, they are one and the same. The items look like they are of very good quality in their photos and that’s exactly what they are. I did not order any item that looked a different color or form from what it was on the website you get exactly what you see, no jokes!

In conclusion (because this is very essential in letter writing according to my junior secondary school English teacher), DGL is the place for affordable, good quality clothes with affordable speedy nationwide delivery. So get shopping!

P.S. – I will like to shout out to Yetunde, the nice customer service personnel I spoke to when I called! and all the other DGL team members that helped to get me my order in time.

Yours sincerely,

A fashion lover!

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