It’s a Shorelicious Monday…..

Dear readers of the 365 blog,

Today is a very special day for sooooo many reasons;

1. It’s the first day in the month of May

2. It’s the first month in the second quater of this year

3. It’s a Monday when Nigerians don’t have to go to work

4. It’s is a day that celebrates all professional workers

5. It’s the second day of the GT banks food and drinks fair 2017, and…………… all must go:)

But most importantly….

SHORELICIOUS is going to be at the GT bank food and drinks fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will describe shorelicious in instagram language – #madeinNigeria #sweetbuthealthy #fitfam #soulcompanion……get it! It’s a must try!!!!!!!

Their range of products currently includes;

All of which, I 100% approve of……….So make it a shorelicious monday at the GT food and drinks fair. Kindly leave comments below on your Shorelicious experience, follow shorelicious on instagram @Shorelicious and stay tuned to the 365 blog for a review of each product.


The 365 blog…..

4 Replies to “It’s a Shorelicious Monday…..”

      1. Nope. Je reside a lá mainland. Je n’ai pas le car.

        (LOL Francais plus anglais. Me stay on the mainland. Me have no car to go island to go food fair. Me pass. )

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  1. Oluchee speaks Francais………. Je ne peux pas parler français (that’s what google translate tells me)

    At least you get the day off work, so just enjoyyyyy!!!!!


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