The Wedding Fever Part 6(b) -Appologies

“I am going in to the office” I hear in a hushed tone whispered into my ears and I know it is Tunji. With my eyes closed, I give a grumpy response saying “Ok. Have a good day”.

It’s around 10am when I finally wake up and I don’t remember the last time I slept in this late. You would think I should feel more refreshed with over 12 hours of sleep, instead I feel much worse than I felt yesterday – jaded to the bone. First I smell something good and then I hear her voice – it is my mother is shouting at Hauwa, her longest-serving maid but I cannot make out what exactly she is shouting about. I get out of bed and head downstairs to join them.

I go on my knees and say “ekaaro ma, e se ana ma”. “Good morning to you too. We thank God. I hope you are feeling much better, pele Omo mi” my mum replies. “I am a little tired but we thank God”I say. “Why don’t you have breakfast, take your medicine and then you can go back upstairs to rest” she says. After a steaming plate of moi-moi and pap, I take my medicine and head to my bedroom to get some rest.

“Wonu” I hear my mum call. I open my eyes and sit up to find her sitting next to her. I look at the desk clock beside me and Wow!, it’s already 4pm. It did not feel like I was asleep for that long. My mum signals for Hauwa, who is standing behind her, to set the tray of food she is carrying on my duvet clad thighs. She does this and then leaves my room. I lift up the lid to find a bowl of boiled plantain sliced in small pieces into a bowl of goat meat pepper soup – my favorite food in the world. “Thank you mummy” I say and she replies telling me to eat whilst she seats watching me. Mid way through my meal she says “Wonu, I need to talk to you”.

“Se ko si”I say

“Nothing really. It’s about Dapo. His mother called me.” she says and I know there is no way my mum knows what really happened between us else she would be angry not apologising on his behalf. “you know these men, they can be very silly at times and they mature much slower than we women. So irrespective of what he did, you should forgive him. Please my dear. His mother said that you have refused to see him and so he can explain himself, just let him see you” she says.

“Mummy, it hurts me so much that you would intervene in my relationship with Dapo and it hurts even more that you would ask me to forgive him. Mummy, e ma se mi” I say

“Ok, ma binu, lets stop talking about Dapo so you can eat your food. That reminds me your dad and brother want to talk to you. They both called but your phone is switched off and so it didn’t go through.” she says

“I turned it off because I did not want anyone to disturb me but I will turn it on later and give both of them a call back” I say and then I continue eating my food.

When I am done, my mum calls for Hauwa to take the tray away. “I have cooked some sweet potato porridge for you and Tunji for dinner. Tunji is on his way home. Make sure you get enough rest and I will come back to see you tomorrow”my mum says and I am secretly glad that she will be back tomorrow. I see her off to the car and then tip Hauwa with a sum of two thousand naira for her efforts.

It’s Sunday, I feel 200% and I return to work tomorrow, the world could not be more perfect now- except for my broken heart. Tunji and I are on the way to lunch with our parents at my parent’s house. Kabiyesi, my father, has expressed his desire to see his beautiful daughter, Wonu, today and that makes me very happy. We arrive at my parent a couple of minutes past 1 and so Tunji and I help my mum and his mum get the table ready.

I go up to my mum’s room to grab her phone per her request. I open the door and walk in to the room and guess who is sitting on the stool by my mum’s dresser – Dapo. My heart skips, I have not seen him in four days and I realise that I have missed him but my anger over shadows that. I turn around to go back to the door and he reaches out and grabs me . “Please Wonu, give me a chance to explain myself” he says on his knees. I rid myself of him and go straight to the door but when I try to open the door, I find its locked and I smile to myself. “what is the meaning of this?” I ask looking in his direction.

“I will open the door to let you out after you might have listened to all I have to say”he says

“YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEMAND ANYTHING FROM ME” I yell and before I can stop myself, I start to cry.”You…..hurt …… me …..Dapo” I say in between sobs and raise my hands to cover my face. He walks over to me and removes my hand and walks me over to the bed for me to sit.

“I am sorry for everything I did to hurt you, Wonu” he says on his knees. “the baby is not mine, she lied. I took a DNA test on Wednesday and the baby is not mine” he says looking intently into my eyes as I stare at him crying.

I stopped crying to take a brief pause to digest all he said. The tears dry on my face and after a couple of minutes he says “Wonu, please say something. I can show you the test if you want proof. But please, stop being mad at me. I have gone crazy these past few days. It is the longest I have gone without talking to you in about 4 years”

After a couple of minutes, I finally speak”But you thought the baby was yours initially, why? and who is she by the way”.

“I don’t know her real name, I know her as Sandra. Do you remember that night when you told me about your celibacy and I stormed out angry? I picked her up on my way home”he says looking down at everywhere but at me. “I was drunk and angry that night Wonu. Please forgive me. I promise you that I have taken this celibacy journey with you since that day. I am so sorry I hurt you. I have never deserved you and now I truly know it, but please prove to me that you are a much better person than I am by forgiving me” he says.

I laugh and even when I felt like stopping the confused look on his face kept me going.”better person? I don’t mind being the same person as you” he opens his mouth like he is about to speak but I shut him up saying “Wait! what would have happened if the child was actually yours?, how am I meant to trust you again?, how do I know that you will not go cheating on me again the next time you are angry, drunk and horny? Now that I have heard all you have to say can I have the keys”

Dumbfounded, he brings the key out of his pocket and hands it to me. Immediately, I take the keys from him, run out of the my mum’s room and into mine. I lock the door behind me and grab my phone out of my bag. I text Tunji to come upstairs to my room and to call me as soon as he is at the door. He does exactly as he is told, I open the door and lock it behind him again. I sit on the bed and he sits beside me and then I start to rant ,to him, how I really feel.

“I think you still love him but you don’t think you should forgive him for what he has done”he says when he is done. I think about it for a while and then I say “You know what, I think you are right but I need him to see that what he has done is unacceptable. If I take that kind of behavior from him now, I have to be ready to take the same or worse if I get married to him. And then, how am I meant to trust him after this?”. “You are right and you will have to make him work hard to earn your trust. Pause on loving him till he proves he is trustworthy because there is no love without trust. I will say give him another chance and let him earn it”Tunji says. “I have a plan”I think to myself and we go down to lunch to find Dapo is gone but his parents are joining us.

“I have a text from Dapo…..Should I open it or ignore it” I say to Tunji in the car on our way home, it is the first opportunity I have had to check my phone since we got to my parents. “whatever you want”he says to me. I decide to open it and I read it content and it says;

‘I am glad I had a chance to explain myself to you today but I have one more request(you made it clear already that I don’t deserve to take anything from you again but I beg you with our four-year old friendship and one year plus relationship to please give me an answer). Please let me know if you still have any feelings for me, if there is still a chance that we can make this work’

I read the text again as soon as I tuck myself in bed. I am glad that Tunji is sleeping in the guest room so he does not see how happy this text makes me. I type out my first reply,’yes’, but then I decide against it remembering my plan to make him work hard to get me back. So I go with ‘maybe’ and then I send it. Almost immediately, I get a text from him saying;

‘That is good enough for me. I love you very much and I will make it my mission to show you just how much from today. As for answers for your questions from earlier, how about the following; 1. If that child was mine, I would have accepted responsibility for it but it would  not change how much I LOVE YOU. 2. You will trust me again, I will show you just how much I deserve it because I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. 3. I have learnt my lesson, I promise you anger, drunkenness and horny are three things I will never experience at the same time again besides I LOVE YOU and I plan to keep my promise to be celibate till we get married(oh yes, I will find a more perfect time to ask after I prove 1 & 2 above to you).

How am I meant to stay mad at him when he says things like this.


Oladapo (Dapo) – A Nigerian Name that means- a mix of wealth

Tunji (Babatunji) – A Nigerian name that means – Father has returned

‘ekaaro ma, e se ana ma’ – Good morning ma, thank you for yesterday.

‘pele omo mi’ – Sorry(take care) my child

‘e ma se mi’ – Don’t upset me

‘ma binu’ – Don’t get angry – an appology

Kabiyesi – Literal  meaning is Unquestionable used to refer to a King


The Wedding Fever Part4 – The day I told him

Two months into our relationship, I decide to tell him. I suspect he thinks my refusal to sleep with him is because of something he did or another guy. We went to mutual friend’s birthday party and on our drive back home I started to suspect he wanted to give it another try tonight. He said he was too tired to drive back home from mine so he would have to sleep over. Also through out the party he maintained more body contact with me than normal. He kissed me more than usual(initially i thought he just wanted to flaunt our new relationship) and he drank more than usual.

As I was trying to open the door for us to go into the house, he  grabbed my waist and said”I will finally get a taste of this tonight”. I knew he was drunk so I told him to sit down in the sitting room, I told him to wait for me. I went into the kitchen to get him a glass of water. I give it to him and tell him to drink, although confused he drank it anyway. Whilst he drank I said to him “I need to talk to you about something”. Immediately he drops the glass and looks at me.”have I done something wrong?” he said.

“No its not something you did” As I say this I am already about to start crying.

“what is it then?”

“I cannot give you the sexual satisfaction you are seeking from me”

“Why, are you ok?”

“I am ok. I need you to stop being my boyfriend, I need to tell this to my friend and you have to promise me that you will not under any circumstance tell anyone”

“Ok, you have your friend and I promise not to tell. What is it you are scaring me”

“You know I am a princess and the only girl. The tradition in my vilage is that because I am the only female child of the king, I cannot have sexual relations with anyone except my husband. That is why I avoided dating for so long” I am sobbing heavily at this point and he looks so upset. He looks at me, gets up and walks out of the house. I try to follow him to appologise for not telling him but he looks at me and tells me not to come near him. He drives off and I keep calling him to appologise but he refuses to pick up the phone.

The next afternoon, I call his best friend Tobena to please check that he is alright. Tobena calls right back to tell me he is fine and has gone away on business. I had to tell someone, good thing Tunji already knew about my situation before now, so I go to his office and explain what had happened. Despite how much I tried to explain that Dayo was upset because I did not tell him earlier, Tunji was very angry at him. Two weeks of not speaking to Dayo felt like two years had passed. Tobena called me on Thursday on the second week to tell me that he was back. I went to Tunji to ask for advice on whether I should go to his office or not. Tunji told me to stay in his office until he gets back. I found out from Dayo that he had gone fight with Dayo at his office. Perhaps this was what rained some sense on Dayo. That evening he came over to mine full of appologies and a promise to go on this celibacy journey.



The Wedding Fever Part 6(a) – Baby+Mama+Drama

“Dapo, DONT TOUCH ME. STAY AWAY FROM ME!” I say and then I storm out of his office, sobbing uncontrollably. I head straight to my car and with tears in my eyes, I begin to ponder upon the events of today. So I woke up this morning feeling that it was going to be a good day. Last Wednesday, Dapo and I’s relationship was officially one year and six months but for reasons beyond his control(business) we were unable to celebrate this milestone like we did the last two(6 months and 1 year anniversary). Dapo only got back from his business trip on Monday and so I decided to surprise him by taking him out to lunch today(Tuesday), my treat.

I head straight to his secretary’s desk to tell her thank you for clearing his schedule for lunch with me today. I am about to give her a conspiratorial wink when I hear someone yell from Dapo’s office. Someone with a female voice yelled “you think you can deny this baby. you must be joking it is yours whether you like it ……” and I hear dapo’s voice cut her off before she can finish her sentence “keep your voice down” he says. Just then the door to Dapo’s office swings open and a  lady with a little baby in her arms storms out.

Dumbfounded, I slowly make my way past the lady and into Dapo’s office. I slam the door behind me and Dapo raises his head to look at me. Suspecting that I was privy to the drama earlier, Dapo immediately switched from an angry look to an apologetic one. He was about to speak when I hold my hand up in a gesture that implied that I need him to keep quiet. “Dapo, if that is your child and the mother of your child, what does that make me?”. “That is not my …..” he starts trying to explain but I cut him off before he can explain himself.”Dapo, DONT TOUCH ME. STAY AWAY FROM ME!” I say and then I storm out of his office, sobbing uncontrollably.

I start to drive my car but I can barely see through my tears and I know I am in no condition to drive. I park the car and begin to cry so hard not believing what had just happened. Looking down, I notice my white skirt is stained with a mix of make up consisting of foundation, eyeliner, mascara and probably some powder. Great! so physically and emotionally, I am in no condition to return to work. I decide I have to go back home and so when my tears subside, I climb down from my car. After locking the doors, I walk forward, as I put the keys in my bag, to hail a cab. A couple of minutes later, I start to feel light-headed and I suspect that it must be standing in the sun. All of a sudden, it all just goes black.

‘I fainted on the streets of Lagos’ I think to myself as my mum recounts the experience to me. Turns out one of the security guards sitting outside  the building I was standing in front of saw me, and called for an ambulance. it’s been only a couple of minutes since I woke up, although from what my mum says, I have been out for about 3 hours. ‘What were you doing in front of that building under the hot sun?” my mum asks. I start to think about what really I was doing there and I remember what transpired in Dapo’s office earlier but I cannot tell her the truth so I tell her I was going for a meeting nearby.

Work! I remember I was supposed to have a meeting with a prospective member of staff (we are a small start-up and so for now, I head HR as well as being a co-managing partner). “Mummy, can I have my phone, I need to call Tunji, I was supposed to have a meeting” I say. “Over my dead body. Work work work, that’s all you know. I already called him not long ago and I called  Dapo as well. Tunji told me he would be around in about an hour and Dapo said he was on his way”she said. “Haba, Mummy who told you to call Dapo. I don’t like it oo”I said. “Ahn ahn, So you are saying I should not have called Dapo. Isn’t he your boyfriend anymore”noticing my facial expression when she called Dapo my boyfriend, she asked if something was wrong between Dapo and I. Just then the Doctor comes in and he saves me from having to tell my mother that her close friend’s son who happens to be my boyfriend got another girl pregnant.

The doctor tells me that I have been under too much stress lately and so I would need to take some days off work but I will get discharged this evening.’At least nothing is wrong with me’ I think to myself while my mum is busy somewhere in the hospital trying to relay the good news to my dad and older brother over the phone. Just as my mum leaves, Dapo comes in. I don’t feel strong enough to get into an argument with him, so I turn my head to face away from him. “please leave Dapo. I am not ready to see you or to talk to you about what happened” I say to him in a hushed tone. I feel myself about to burst into tears but I want to hold on until I know he is gone. “I am sorry but I am not sure that the baby is even mine. I want you to know you are the most important person to me and I never meant to hurt. Since you want me to leave, I will do just that”he says and then it all becomes  quiet except for his footsteps hitting the floor and on cue, I begin to cry.

Not long after I hear someone say “Hello” and I know it is Tunji and so I begin to try to clean my face to get rid of the tear streaks but I fail. Tunji knows as soon as he gets by my bed. He sits on the bed, reaches over and turns me to face him and then says”what is wrong? This had better not have anything to do with Dapo”. I cannot help myself, so I tell him all that happened that day. When I am done, I say “Tunji I beg you not to intervene. This is between Dapo and I. I love him so let me handle this how I want to”. “If that is what you want, then I will not do anything but you need to think long and hard about whether he deserves you or not. You are young and beautiful, I mean many of my friends still want to date you despite the fact they know you are taken, so don’t settle for less” he says.

It’s around 9 pm when I finally get home. My mum agreed to go back home ,only after Tunji promised her that he would sleep over, with a promise to be here bright and early the following morning. Tunji literally carries me in his arms out of the car and into my bedroom. He is sitting on my bed whilst I get changed into my nightie in the bathroom. I cannot help thinking that his wife would be a very lucky woman – judging by how much attention his current wife(his job) gets, I wonder if that woman will ever come. I climb into bed and Dapo goes downstairs to get our things from the car downstairs. He comes back into the room changed into  his pyjamas with a bag of out take out from grills in and out on a tray. He sets the tray on the bed, turns on the cable TV and climbs into bed with me. Not long after eating we fall asleep.

The Wedding Fever Part 3 – How did we meet?

Like Rihanna and Calvin Harris sang, we really did find love in a hopeless place. This hopeless place is the Nigerian Law School in Abuja. I had just returned to Nigeria on successful completion of my Law undergrad in the UK and I was back in Nigeria to attend law school. As a returnee, you first have to go through the Bar one course over the summer holiday before you begin Bar two in October. Dapo was in Bar two and about to begin his final exams when we met. Dapo was very popular on the campus for his play boy behavior and he was that guy that freshers were warned about. Every time he left campus, he was accompanied by a driver in a private car and an escort car.

On one fateful Saturday, he decided to snick off the campus with some of his friends to go to a party in a hotel. He and his friends got really drunk and while his friends decided to go on to another club, he decided to pass the night at the hotel. Coincidentally, this was the same hotel I had breakfast every Saturday morning with mum’s friend whom she told to keep an eye on me. After breakfast, she told her driver to drop me off at the campus outside town. As we  drove, I saw Dapo walking along the road with no shoes, I recognised him and asked the driver to stop. I asked if he was a law school student and I knew it was him, so I offered him a lift and we dropped him at law school. Later, I would find out that someone stole his card holder and the cash he had on him was not enough, so he put his shoes and watch down so that he gets back when he eventually paid his debt.

On Monday, I was walking towards the hostel from the classroom when I saw Dapo striding towards me. “hello, I just want to say thank you for the other day and also thank you for not telling anyone about it” he said. “you’re welcome” I said. “I did not ask for your name the other day. I am so sorry, I was just so embarrased”he said. “it’s ok. My name is Adewonuola”I said. “My name is Adedapo Doherty. You’re Wonuola what?.”


“Can I call you dewonu?”

“why not Wonu, thats what everyone calls me”

“well, I guess I want to be different dewonu” at this point we have reached the front of my  hostel, So I tell him and he says “I guess I will see you around then Dewonu” we said our goodbyes and he walked off.

After this time, I did not see or speak to Dapo until his call to bar party. My mum had informed me that she was coming to Abuja to attend her friends son’s call to bar and she will like to see me. Turns out this friend was Dapo’s mum and Dapo was the Son. But I did not know this until the call to bar party at Intercontinental hotel, Abuja. Being one of the only young females at the event, it was not hard for Dapo to miss me. Just as he was coming over to say hello his mum was coming over to say hello to my mum. My  mum introduced me to his mum first and then his mum introduced him to my mum and I. Dapo interrupted he and said that we had already met.

“That’s good then. I guess I can leave you two to catch up whilst I talk to your mum.” Dapo’s mum said to me and then she walked off with my mum.

“I am sorry I did not try to contact you again after that time. It’s not like I am ungrateful, just that I did not get your number that day and then finalsstarted to happen” he said.

“its ok” I said” and then we launched a conversation that was so interesting that when it was time to settle for dinner he chose to sit with me rather than his parents and his friends. We did not exchange contact that day but two weeks later whilst I was on a break in Lagos, I got a phone call from him. He told me he got my number from his mum who got it from my mum. Mothers!, how did she know I wanted Dapo to have my number.From that point on we became friends.

We started dating on the 20th of January 2015. I remember this date because the following weekend was going to be my 25th birthday and he took me to dinner because he was going to be away on business on my birthday. I had not dated anyone since I was 17 and he teasing me about it, trying to find out why over dinner. I was laughing and then suddenly he said “if you would not date any of those guys out there would you at least date me”. I was so surprise so I told him it was so unexpected and he told me that I should think about it over the weekend. We exchanged texts over the weekend, although it was nothing to do with what he had said over dinner. I had reached a block in drafting a document and I told him about it and we were discussing it whilst we worked on Sunday Night. At 12:01am that read;

“You have had the whole weekend to think about it and I cannot wait another second to know what your answer is. I’ll ask again to remind you what question I am talking about; will you be mine exclusively?”

I was so surprised and because I had not really thought about it, I did not reply his message. On Tuesday evening, my door bell rang and it was Dapo outside my door with Ice cream from my favourite place, Hans & Rene. I thought I would get away with not replying him because he was away on business but I guess I was wrong. He walks in and acts like nothing happened. Once we sit, he give me my agbalumo sorbet and we talk about both our business. At some point he stops and says “you know you hurt me?, if you don’t want to date me, you don’t have to stop being my friend. I think you not replying my message hurt me more than if you had said no”

“Dapo, it not like I don’t want to date you. I…..” “Thank God. Then what is it”he cut me off before I could finish. I look him in the face and tell him my real fear “I just don’t want us to ruin our friendship that has worked well for us for the past 3 years.” He sighs and says “Ok then lets agree no matter what happens with our dating our friendship  would always be more important. Friends first?” “Ok then friends first” I say. “Wait, I am confused, did you just agree to date me?” I start to clear up the table and am about to start walking to the kitchen. On my way I answer”yes”. He comes to meet me in the kitchen and says “thank you and I promise I will not hurt you”.


Returnee – Someone who has returned to their home country after living in another country for a long time

Oladapo (Dapo) – A Nigerian Name that means- a mix of wealth

Adewonuola (Wonu/Dewonu)- A Nigerian name that means – The crown entered into wealth

Tunji (Babatunji) – A Nigerian name that means – Father has returned

Adeyele – A Nigerian Name that means – This house deserves the crown

Agbalumo – African Cherry

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The Wedding Fever Part 2 – #WODA

I woke up this morning feeling like yesterday was a dream. After I say my prayers, I get up and check my phone. I see a lot of Instagram and Facebook tags with the hashtag #WODA2017. Tunji sent me message with a link to a Bella Naija page with photos of our engagement and an epistle on the worth of my birthday present and engagement ring. After taking a shower, I remember Dapo slept over so I go and check on him in the sitting room. I don’t want to wake him because I know the only time he sleeps in is when he stays here and even at that he still sleeps late. I look at him and I can only imagine how he can deal with so much pressure at 30. This is what people do not understand, when he was younger his playboy behavior started only as a way to let off steam from all the pressure he faces having to run his father’s business in a sector that is not what he enjoys. But now, he has become more mature and has come to fully accept that he has to sacrifice his love for the practice of law to take over his father’s business due to his deteriorating health.

I peck his forehead and as I rise to nudge him awake, his both hands hold me to him and he slowly opens his eyes. “good morning ex-girlfriend, Fiance and Wife to be” he says. “good morning to you too, Husband to be. Thank you for yesterday. You have to get up now, else we will be late to church””I know I tell you this all the time and you don’t listen but you can sleep in bed with me, you don’t have to leave after  I sleep”. “you don’t know how attractive you are, do you?””if I have abstained this long for you, I don’t want to ruin it” he says. “I love you more but we have to get ready for church, go and take a shower” I say and then kiss him and head towards the bedroom and he follows behind me”

I am trying to look for something appropriate to wear since after church we are going to see his parent. I am not sure if we are going straight from church or coming home first. I ask him and he says the former is the case. I pick a knee length two color ankara dress. I discover that I am so nervous. It’s  not like I haven’t met his parents before, but it is the first time I will be introduced as a wife. I remember that I have not called my mum to tell her.  I check the time and I know she will be getting ready to go to church and so I call her. she picks up on the second ring;

“hello ma, ekaaro, se mi o disturb yin”

“No, se ko si?”

“mummy, Dapo propose si mi”

“mo mo, mama e so fun mi lana and then o ba Kabiyesi soro ni last week” she knows about my engagement to Dapo before me!  My mum and Dapo’s  mum have been friend since I was in secondary school and because of them our fathers became friends as well but this was a long time before I had even met Dapo.

“we are going to visit his parents today. I am so shy mummy.”

“better do not be shy, ki o ma lo si wawu.  you’re already a part of their family and its not your first time meeting them…..” just then Dapo walks out of the bathroom in his boxers and undershirt and heads to the bed to pick the white traditional wear I picked out for him.

“your father is ready to go to church, I will call you in the evening to find out how it goes.”

“alright, odabo ma” she hangs up immediately.

Dapo walks over to me and sits next to me on the bed. “I could not help but eaves drop into your conversation with your mum…” I try to interrupt him but he does no let me “shussh..I want you to know that I love you and that my parent love you very much so there is no need to be shy or scared” he pulls me into his embrace and immediately tranquility falls on me. he releases me and I step in front of the mirror to begin my makeup.

After spending 15 minutes looking through my eyeshadow pallete for earth tone colors, I finally finish my makeup  with a nude lipstick. Hurriedly, I put on my dress and shoes and grab my purse, then head downstairs to meet a furious looking Dapo speaking with someone on the phone. I go the kitchen to drink some water giving him time to round off his call. Just as I grab a cup to fill with water he walks in and from the look on his face, I know what he wants. I drop the cup on the work top and head towards him and into his arms for a hug. After a couple of minutes, he releases me and I see my fondation has stained his white but that does not stop me from kissing him. When I stop, I see all the fear evaporate from his face and I am scared for him. He smiles at me and I say “Don’t tell me, whatever it is, I probably don’d have a solution. go upstairs, change your clothes and then we go to church and we will tell God.” “I don’t know what I will do without you” he says and walks off.

We are driving towards Dapo’s parents house in Banana Island for brunch. Detecting how nervous I am, Dapo tries to make small talk with me. First about the lady sat in front of us and then about how he felt the sermon today was directed at him. None of these stuck except when he mentioned cooking for him.”Wonu, please can you make your jollof rice and stewed chicken this evening, you know I love nothing more than you cooking for me.” Alas, a blush started to creep up on my face.” you know I will love nothing more. So is this cooking taking place at mine or yours” I said. “please can we do it at mine, I have to be in the office at 7 tomorrow” he said. “I have court tomorrow at 10, so we have to go to mine and then the supermarket before we come back to yours” I said. “Alright” he said as he parked the car in the drive in his parents compound.

I am no longer Wonu, now I am “our wife” as Dapo’s mum called me whilst we were in the kitchen and Dapo and his dad were in the sitting room probably discussing business. This was what was going through my mind that I did not notice when Dapo parked his car outside my apartment  block. “Wife!” he tried to get my attention and I blush. “That was not all bad was it was it. See, I told you there was nothing to worry about”he said. “Thank you, I had a good time and thank you for yesterday as well. Wait in the car while I go and pick up a few things for tomorrow.


ekaaro, se mi o disturb yin – Good morning, I hope I am not disturbing you

se ko si? – I hope all is well?

Dapo propose si mi – Dapo proposed to me

mo mo, mama e so fun mi lana and then o ba Kabiyesi soro ni last week – I know, his mum told me yesterday and the he spoke to the king last week

Ki o ma si wawu –  so you don’t misbehave

Ankara – Traditional fabric

Odabo – bye

Bella Naija – A very famous lifestyle Nigerian blog

Oladapo (Dapo) – A Nigerian Name that means- a mix of wealth

Adewonuola (Wonu/Dewonu)- A Nigerian name that means – The crown entered into wealth

Tunji (Babatunji) – A Nigerian name that means – Father has returned

Adeyele – A Nigerian Name that means – This house deserves the crown



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The Wedding Fever Part 1- The Proposal

I have mental image of what the bella Naija post for our wedding will be; Son of billionaire oil tycoon, Oladapo Doherty weds Only Daughter of Financial guru, CEO and Oba, Princess Adewonuola Adeyele. I know that this will be the society wedding of the year and I think Dapo knows it too. He already set the ball rolling with his over the top proposal, dare I say OVER THE TOP. He proposed to me during a surprise birthday party he planned for me at his home in Ikoyi.

My birthday was on a Saturday, Dapo had suggested we go out of the country for the weekend but I refused. I have to be in court on Monday and going out of the country on Friday to be back on Monday, in my opinion is a waste of money, so I told him we could go later in the year perhaps sometime in May(he hates to travel during the summer holidays). He told me had somethings to attend to with his dad that morning and so he would take me to dinner in the evening at 8. At 8, I heard my door open and I knew he had arrived. He called out for me to meet him downstairs. As I descend the stairs in my stoned ankara dress and sky high suede Louboutin shoes, he gives me a smile of approval, walks up to me and gives me a long hard kiss and presents me with a bouquet of the most gorgeous flowers I have seen in a while. I think to myself that moments like these make me forget how tumultuous our relationship has been in the two years we dated. we head for the door and into his car to drive to a destination I did not know.

10 minutes into the car journey, I notice Dapo is a little ridiculously quiet and so I try to get a location out of him but he does not bulge. Instead he gives me a really mischievous grin that has me wondering what he is really up to. He drives on the Lekki Ikoyi bridge and then I begin to wonder why we are headed towards Ikoyi. I notice we are now driving towards his house, so I say “Dapo, are we going to your house?”. He is about to answer when his phone rings(later I find out that it is my cousin and business partner,Tunji calling to check how close we were to his house).Leaving my earlier question unanswered, he drives his Mercedes convertible into his compound. He tells me to come into the house, that he just needs to pick something up. I get down from the car and he immediately grabs my hand and leads me to the back entrance and before I can ask why, he leads me towards the back stair and says “sorry, I forgot the keys to the front door upstairs”. We come out through a door next to his sitting room upstairs. He opens the door and tells me to walk in (I should have suspected something was up but he always lets me go through door first…such a gentleman). I walk further into the room, to find the whole room littered with rose petals , similar to the ones he had given me earlier and when I turn back to ask what going on I find him on one knee and I gasp in surprise.

“Dewonu, thank you first for agreeing to be my friend and later for agreeing to date me. I know a lot of people see me and think oh! he is a play boy but thank you for seeing the real me. I love you dearly and it has been that way for a very long time, even when I said you were only my friend. I know forever is a long time, but I want to continue to love you forever, Please say you’ll let me by marrying me”. I spent the whole time staring at him with my mouth open and disbelief in my eyes. I go on my knees to join him, I kiss him and with tears in my eyes, I hug him and say yes!. Just as I pull back for him to put the ring on my finger, I hear a loud group of people yell surprise and then flashes from camera’s taking pictures. I smile so hard that I think my mouth is about to fall off. I stare into his eyes and give him a kiss for everyone to see. He gets up and pulls me up and into his embrace and then we all head down towards the stairs. Through people clapping and cheering us as we went  and a large group behind. We down to the siting area where there we a lot of our mutual friends, my friends and his friends . I immediately spot Tunji and he gives me a bear hug(it has me remembering when Dapo was so jealous of my relationship with Tunji because he taught we were dating).

After going around to greet everyone, Dapo pulls me away and takes me back to a smaller sitting area downstairs. He hands me a bag with a wrapped present inside. I sit down and does the same beside me. I carefully unwrap the present and its a suede, maroon red rectangular box with a Cartier Logo on the front. I look at him and he tells me to open it. I do, and I find a platinum bracelet with similar diamonds as the ring. He takes it from me and turns it over. I see an inscription and I read it, it says; “Thank you for letting me love you forever – love Dapo”. At this moment I could not love him more than I did. He takes it from me and put is on my right wrist.

“Dapo when you do things like this, how am I meant to beat it?, Thank you so much” I lean in to kiss him and he returns my kiss and says”you have already beating it by saying yes”. He leans in and continues to kiss me. The kiss gets deeper and deeper and I stop him. “I know you asked me to marry you and I said yes, it does not change the fact that I am going to remain a virgin until we go to the …..” Before I finish, he cuts in and says “I know and I don’t want to change that for anything in the world”. At this point he is body is covering almost half of mine on the couch, just Dapo is about to get up, Tunji walks in. “I hope I am not interrupting anything but its time for you to cut your cake”Tunji says awkwardly looking away from us. “OMG, we were not even doing anything”Dapo and I laugh. I kiss Dapo and he tells me that it was Tunji on the phone earlier and that they planned it together. I smile and walk over to Tunji and give him a hug. “I can’t believe you are 27 and getting married”. we all laugh and head towards the rest of the party. I go out to find a very nice cake with 27 candles already lit and the rest is history.


Oba – King

Oladapo (Dapo) – A Nigerian Name that means- a mix of wealth

Adewonuola (Wonu/Dewonu)- A Nigerian name that means – The crown entered into wealth

Tunji (Babatunji) – A Nigerian name that means – Father has returned

Adeyele – A Nigerian Name that means – This house deserves the crown


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