Nigerian/African food in Prague

People talk about bad food cravings during pregnancy but never really about holiday food cravings. I think the power of food to make you feel at home in foreign lands is often underestimated. When food unites, there is a degree of familiarity it brings about that makes everything seem less distant (I decided this after my first bowl of pepper soup at a Nigerian restaurant in the UK). I will stop with the rambling and tell you about finding African/Nigerian food in Prague (Czech Republic).

For some food…

  1. Classic Afro bistro: A  Nigerian restaurant which serves everything from efo riro and ogbono to pepper soup. It is located at Katerinska 2/485/20, 128 00 Nove Mesto. The closest tram station is Stepanska from which the restaurant is a 5-6 minute walk. The closest metro stations are Karlovo Namesti (which is on the yellow line) and I.P Pavlova (which is on the red line) and outside of which you can get a tram heading to Stepanska. Important: this does not open until 1pm.

For some groceries –

  1. An African Shop: I do not remember the exact name of this store but it definitely meets all your grocery needs. This shop stocks everything from indomie, plantain and stock fish to your favorite cantu hair products. At the time of this blog post, the shop is not on google maps. However, it can be found on Ve Smeckach street located between the Mustek and Muzeum Metro stations (both on the green line). The shop will be no more than a 10-minute walk from either metro stations. Try to locate the alley way next to El Pueblo Steak House. Head into the alley way and take the second right and then down a set of stairs. This should bring you straight to the shop.
  2. Shalamar foods: This is a Pakistani food shop. However, it meets your african food needs selling african spices, scotch bonnet and plantain among other things. It is located at Lipanska 835/3, 130 00 Praha 3-Zizkov, Prague. The closest tram stop is Lipanska and the store is a 2 minute walk up an hill behind the tram stop.

Dear reader, if you locate any other African stores or restaurants, kindly drop a description in the comment section below.

A dream come true….

Maa chi/Maa ha/Maa jo,

Ye fro wo sen?

Remember I answered on question 25 of  The TMI Tag, that one of the places I will like t visit is Accra, Ghana………….people of the 365 blog, it finally happened. I, your girl, finally go to visit Accra. And the best part is the trip was sponsored by a reader of the 365 blog!…….*jokes*. But people, real talk…..would it be so bad gifted your girl an all expense paid holiday trip?……lol!

You know how sometimes, things coincidentally come together to work out as if it was planned to work out that way………yeah, you sister, I know you catch my drift. Anyway, that’s how my The TMI Tag post and going to Ghana worked out. I wrote the post on a Thursday, and by Monday, an opportunity to go to Ghana had presented itself, and by Friday of the same week I was touching down in Ghana by 7:20 am.

Did you know Nigeria is an hour away from Ghana? Anyway after the hassle of Nigerian airport procedures *eyes rolling*  and  35 minutes of a mouth-watering club sandwich at the Oasis Lounge in MMM 1, we boarded our Air peace flight, and arrived in Ghana at 7:20 amI only spent a day in Ghana. The actual program I went for was done by 10:00 am but my return ticket was not 6:00 pm Ghana time, so there was soooo much time to spare. I had not really planned any fun activities to do during the day because I expected the program to run much longer than it did.

After the program, we ordered an uber taxi that took us round town for about an hour, and I must say “Accra is clean and pretty”. After that, we headed to the famous Accra mall for lunch. I would have opted to have the famous Wache…..remember from Runtown’s Mad over you, “I know say she sabi cook wache”, but we were told the best place to find those are in mama put kind of places not fancy restaurants. Anyway, we settled for pizza at pizza hut and then went on to watch beauty and the beast in the cinema, to while away time. Desperation for free wi-fi led us to settle for at a coffee shop, in the mall, called Second Cup where I had an amazing drink called “a Berry Tea Chiller” and from there we went back to the airport. 

Berry Tea chiller
365 Blog – Second cup Berry Tea chiller

So, people……as expected, our flight got delayed. Must Nigerian Airlines always disappoint! can you believe that at 6pm, the plane that was supposed to take us back to lagos had not arrived in Ghana? I mean the one time I need you to be on time you are two hours late. And when the plane finally arrived, we were being passed from one gate to another like headless chickens, because the airport officials were also confused about where the gate was. The harrowing 3 hours spent waiting was not all bad……it came with the opportunity to have really amazing wheat croissants among other nice snacks at the Sanbra lounge……real talk guys, I really recommend this lounge for any persons who plans to visit Ghana, especially is you plan to go with a Nigerian airline, because they may just disappoint.

I have some random things I also want to tell you but I just can’t find an appropriate title for it….so, I will just list them below

  1. Nigeria, what the hell is wrong with us! Once I stepped into Ghana, I became embarrassed for Nigeria. How Ghana, which is not the so-called ‘Economic giant of Africa’ can have better airport than Nigeria still baffles me. Guys the whole airport was so organised…..and guess what they had more than one gate for departure! The whole process of departing the airport and arriving at the airport was hassle free…..I mean you did not have 50 million people checking your passport at every corner, so why Nigeria?
  2. Why is it that in Nigeria, at departures; there is one person to check your passport at the door, someone to write and check your details in front of the check in desk, another check at the check-in desk, another person to check when you about to get to the immigration queue, two people at the immigration queue, another immigration officer right after the immigration desk, another checker at the after the immigration, and another as you are about to board the plane……see I just don’t get it. Particularly with all the gbeborun immigration officers, who always want to associate your last name with a famous/wealthy Nigerian, and on occasions where they successfully make a link, intend to ask for ‘something for the weekend’…….*deep sigh* . I wonder, is it a lack of competence in one immigration officer that has caused the need for 4 different immigration officer to have to cross-check passports? and is the solution increasing the quantity or improving the quality.
  3. A guy at the mall was wearing a Zenith Bank printed fabric, a group of school kids wore uniform trad for school trip to the mall, and an airport official was wearing the national airport service fabric. From the airport till I arrived at the destination for my appointment, I kept seeing Ghanaians representing in their traditional attire. Thinking about it, Ghana is well-known for the high standards of its tailors. We were told that Fridays are an unofficial national traditional days, and that’s why people were dressed that way.


Mee da si for reading!

HAIR DRESSING EXPERIENCE 1: The search for greener pastures over the seas

It is the popular belief here in West Africa that any country “over the seas” is a land where is pastures are greener than green and the milk is whiter than white. This blog post is intended to burst your bubble.

About a year ago, I was braiding my hair at one of those pako kiosk salon. Whilst braiding my hair, the hair dresser was conversing with another hair dresser, who was visiting, about traveling to an overseas country and here’s a summary of what the other lady says;I heard there is a guy that can help me arrange a passport and visa for fifty thousand Naira, I will travel to the country for six months. My uncle’s family friend lives in that country, so I  will live with him and make braids for people for a living, I hear that hair dressers earn a lot abroad. I will not spend my money on clothes or food, I will just pick them from the trash. I heard that they wear their clothes for only two months, after which they throw it in the bin. After six months I will come back with all the money I made and the first thing I will do is build a new shop with air conditioning and then I will buy a range rover car and build a house. But the truth is that I cannot afford the ticket.

hmm! I believe, like my hair dresser’s friend so many people believe that the journey to greener pasture and from greener pastures to wealth works like this, but it does not. Let me show you everything I believe is wrong with what she said.

1. Fifty thousand Naira for a passport with a visa in it! sister and brother, it’s either it is a stolen or forged passport or you’re about to be trafficked to another country and you do not know it.To get a passport in Nigeria, you have to apply for one at the National immigration service nearest to you. On obtaining a passport, you can then apply for a visa at the country’s embassy.

2. Six months! On a visiting visa, most countries like the UK do not allow you stay more than 3 months at a stretch, so that plan to stay for six months may not be feasible depending on the country.

3. Working on a visiting Visa – in most countries, I gather this is illegal. That’s all I will say

4. They throw their clothes in the dustbin after wearing it for only 2 months – whoever told her that does not fear God. what kind of lie is that! When people in the diaspora want to dispose an item that they have worn for only 2 months that is still in wearable condition, they give it to charity not throw it in the bin. Life in the diaspora is already hard enough, with all the tax and bills they have to pay, the last thing the majority are, is wasteful.

5. Returning with the money she makes – I think there is a maximum amount of money a person is allowed to travel with. Now if she would be able to make enough money to build a house, buy a range rove and build a new shop(which I do not think is possible in a six month period), she cannot travel with all that cash at once. As such she will have to leave some with “her uncle’s family friend”. How can she be certain that he will make do on his promise to send her all her money as soon as she is back on her home soil.


Pako – wood

These are just some of the things I believe are wrong with that lady’s theory. if there is anything I have said that is not quite accurate or anything I have missed out, please comment below or send me an email to let me know.

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