The Wedding Fever Part 1- The Proposal

I have mental image of what the bella Naija post for our wedding will be; Son of billionaire oil tycoon, Oladapo Doherty weds Only Daughter of Financial guru, CEO and Oba, Princess Adewonuola Adeyele. I know that this will be the society wedding of the year and I think Dapo knows it too. He already set the ball rolling with his over the top proposal, dare I say OVER THE TOP. He proposed to me during a surprise birthday party he planned for me at his home in Ikoyi.

My birthday was on a Saturday, Dapo had suggested we go out of the country for the weekend but I refused. I have to be in court on Monday and going out of the country on Friday to be back on Monday, in my opinion is a waste of money, so I told him we could go later in the year perhaps sometime in May(he hates to travel during the summer holidays). He told me had somethings to attend to with his dad that morning and so he would take me to dinner in the evening at 8. At 8, I heard my door open and I knew he had arrived. He called out for me to meet him downstairs. As I descend the stairs in my stoned ankara dress and sky high suede Louboutin shoes, he gives me a smile of approval, walks up to me and gives me a long hard kiss and presents me with a bouquet of the most gorgeous flowers I have seen in a while. I think to myself that moments like these make me forget how tumultuous our relationship has been in the two years we dated. we head for the door and into his car to drive to a destination I did not know.

10 minutes into the car journey, I notice Dapo is a little ridiculously quiet and so I try to get a location out of him but he does not bulge. Instead he gives me a really mischievous grin that has me wondering what he is really up to. He drives on the Lekki Ikoyi bridge and then I begin to wonder why we are headed towards Ikoyi. I notice we are now driving towards his house, so I say “Dapo, are we going to your house?”. He is about to answer when his phone rings(later I find out that it is my cousin and business partner,Tunji calling to check how close we were to his house).Leaving my earlier question unanswered, he drives his Mercedes convertible into his compound. He tells me to come into the house, that he just needs to pick something up. I get down from the car and he immediately grabs my hand and leads me to the back entrance and before I can ask why, he leads me towards the back stair and says “sorry, I forgot the keys to the front door upstairs”. We come out through a door next to his sitting room upstairs. He opens the door and tells me to walk in (I should have suspected something was up but he always lets me go through door first…such a gentleman). I walk further into the room, to find the whole room littered with rose petals , similar to the ones he had given me earlier and when I turn back to ask what going on I find him on one knee and I gasp in surprise.

“Dewonu, thank you first for agreeing to be my friend and later for agreeing to date me. I know a lot of people see me and think oh! he is a play boy but thank you for seeing the real me. I love you dearly and it has been that way for a very long time, even when I said you were only my friend. I know forever is a long time, but I want to continue to love you forever, Please say you’ll let me by marrying me”. I spent the whole time staring at him with my mouth open and disbelief in my eyes. I go on my knees to join him, I kiss him and with tears in my eyes, I hug him and say yes!. Just as I pull back for him to put the ring on my finger, I hear a loud group of people yell surprise and then flashes from camera’s taking pictures. I smile so hard that I think my mouth is about to fall off. I stare into his eyes and give him a kiss for everyone to see. He gets up and pulls me up and into his embrace and then we all head down towards the stairs. Through people clapping and cheering us as we went  and a large group behind. We down to the siting area where there we a lot of our mutual friends, my friends and his friends . I immediately spot Tunji and he gives me a bear hug(it has me remembering when Dapo was so jealous of my relationship with Tunji because he taught we were dating).

After going around to greet everyone, Dapo pulls me away and takes me back to a smaller sitting area downstairs. He hands me a bag with a wrapped present inside. I sit down and does the same beside me. I carefully unwrap the present and its a suede, maroon red rectangular box with a Cartier Logo on the front. I look at him and he tells me to open it. I do, and I find a platinum bracelet with similar diamonds as the ring. He takes it from me and turns it over. I see an inscription and I read it, it says; “Thank you for letting me love you forever – love Dapo”. At this moment I could not love him more than I did. He takes it from me and put is on my right wrist.

“Dapo when you do things like this, how am I meant to beat it?, Thank you so much” I lean in to kiss him and he returns my kiss and says”you have already beating it by saying yes”. He leans in and continues to kiss me. The kiss gets deeper and deeper and I stop him. “I know you asked me to marry you and I said yes, it does not change the fact that I am going to remain a virgin until we go to the …..” Before I finish, he cuts in and says “I know and I don’t want to change that for anything in the world”. At this point he is body is covering almost half of mine on the couch, just Dapo is about to get up, Tunji walks in. “I hope I am not interrupting anything but its time for you to cut your cake”Tunji says awkwardly looking away from us. “OMG, we were not even doing anything”Dapo and I laugh. I kiss Dapo and he tells me that it was Tunji on the phone earlier and that they planned it together. I smile and walk over to Tunji and give him a hug. “I can’t believe you are 27 and getting married”. we all laugh and head towards the rest of the party. I go out to find a very nice cake with 27 candles already lit and the rest is history.


Oba – King

Oladapo (Dapo) – A Nigerian Name that means- a mix of wealth

Adewonuola (Wonu/Dewonu)- A Nigerian name that means – The crown entered into wealth

Tunji (Babatunji) – A Nigerian name that means – Father has returned

Adeyele – A Nigerian Name that means – This house deserves the crown


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HAIR DRESSING EXPERIENCE 1: The search for greener pastures over the seas

It is the popular belief here in West Africa that any country “over the seas” is a land where is pastures are greener than green and the milk is whiter than white. This blog post is intended to burst your bubble.

About a year ago, I was braiding my hair at one of those pako kiosk salon. Whilst braiding my hair, the hair dresser was conversing with another hair dresser, who was visiting, about traveling to an overseas country and here’s a summary of what the other lady says;I heard there is a guy that can help me arrange a passport and visa for fifty thousand Naira, I will travel to the country for six months. My uncle’s family friend lives in that country, so I  will live with him and make braids for people for a living, I hear that hair dressers earn a lot abroad. I will not spend my money on clothes or food, I will just pick them from the trash. I heard that they wear their clothes for only two months, after which they throw it in the bin. After six months I will come back with all the money I made and the first thing I will do is build a new shop with air conditioning and then I will buy a range rover car and build a house. But the truth is that I cannot afford the ticket.

hmm! I believe, like my hair dresser’s friend so many people believe that the journey to greener pasture and from greener pastures to wealth works like this, but it does not. Let me show you everything I believe is wrong with what she said.

1. Fifty thousand Naira for a passport with a visa in it! sister and brother, it’s either it is a stolen or forged passport or you’re about to be trafficked to another country and you do not know it.To get a passport in Nigeria, you have to apply for one at the National immigration service nearest to you. On obtaining a passport, you can then apply for a visa at the country’s embassy.

2. Six months! On a visiting visa, most countries like the UK do not allow you stay more than 3 months at a stretch, so that plan to stay for six months may not be feasible depending on the country.

3. Working on a visiting Visa – in most countries, I gather this is illegal. That’s all I will say

4. They throw their clothes in the dustbin after wearing it for only 2 months – whoever told her that does not fear God. what kind of lie is that! When people in the diaspora want to dispose an item that they have worn for only 2 months that is still in wearable condition, they give it to charity not throw it in the bin. Life in the diaspora is already hard enough, with all the tax and bills they have to pay, the last thing the majority are, is wasteful.

5. Returning with the money she makes – I think there is a maximum amount of money a person is allowed to travel with. Now if she would be able to make enough money to build a house, buy a range rove and build a new shop(which I do not think is possible in a six month period), she cannot travel with all that cash at once. As such she will have to leave some with “her uncle’s family friend”. How can she be certain that he will make do on his promise to send her all her money as soon as she is back on her home soil.


Pako – wood

These are just some of the things I believe are wrong with that lady’s theory. if there is anything I have said that is not quite accurate or anything I have missed out, please comment below or send me an email to let me know.

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Disclaimer – before some of us start reading this and critiquing my fashion sense, I am no fashion guru, this is only my opinion written for your entertainment, so turn off your inner critic.

One thing I love about going into a new year, is that it gives the illusion that you can start afresh- be a part of something new, like a redemption. So, as we go into this New Year, I have decided that I will give some of my brothers out there a chance to redeem their dress sense.

I am no saint neither have I perfected art of formal attire, so trust me when I say this does not come from place of self-righteousness – TBH, I have also made some mistakes. But the beauty of making mistakes is the ability to correct them, so let’s dive in.

  1. Pattern on pattern – My guys, bobos and sweethearts, why-o- why do you wear a patterned tie with a patterned shirt (the fact that they are the same color is not a silent permission for you to pair them!). Why-o-why were you wearing a heavily patterned shirt with a pin striped suit – my guy you look like a walking circus.
  1. No socks sucks – Ken (can in a Ghanaian accent) you please explain to me why you’re a two or three piece suit without socks – unacceptable (note – it’s still unacceptable if you’re wearing only the suit pants and a shirt). Ok, I understand if you do this when you’re wearing a pair of jeans or chinos with a blazer and you decide you against socks. But plix (please) have mercy on the sisters and brother out there who still fancy a suit rocked APPROPRIATELY!
  1. The office pants – There is no excuse under the sun for a guy to wear chinos or those cream velvet looking and denim feeling trousers to work when the dress code says formal attire only(except on casual Friday). I don’t even want to dwell too long on this subject, just STOPPET!
  1. The shades effect – so today you leave your house feeling cool with yourself, you paired brown Feragamo belt(inherited from brother Tunde) and brown Gucci brogue shoes(you finally just collected it from the shop after you’ve been paying for it over the last 20 months) with Woro Taiwo made dark blue suit, over starched white shirt(laundered at Baba Ima dry cleaners) and your TM Lewin Tie, cufflinks and pocket square set – you think you have arrived, but from a sister to a brother, you did not arrive, you only returned. The feragamo belt and Gucci shoes are more than 10 shades of brown apart and so you end up looking like a JJC- brothers watch out!
  1. Buckled belts – After a certain age (preferably 15) over the top buckled belts are an unpardonable fashion crime. I think it’s your choice to wear it, but abeg don’t bring it to the suit. THOU SHALL NOT WEAR AN OVER THE TOP BUCKLED BELY WITH A SUIT – sorry uncle, we know you can afford it. It does not make you look wealthy, instead it only looks TACKY


JJC(jolly just come) – newbie

TBH- to be honest

Abeg – please

bobos(plural bobo) – Nigerian slang meaning ‘guy’

STOPPET – Stop it

Ken – can (in a Ghanaian accent)

Plix – please

Tunde (Babatunde)- Nigerian name which means ‘father has come back again’

Baba Ima (Baba Emmanuel) – Emmanuel’s Father.

Thank you for reading. please feel free to remind me of some horrible formal wear DONTS I may have missed out.